Time and the necessary distance are things that are often missing in the stressful daily work of production to systematically analyse and solve problems. The etagis GmbH is able to support you in the process of problem solving by using numerous proven analysis methods and software products. etagis thus helps you to design your production planning and your production control more effectively and efficiently.

Support concerning target definition

Based on the objectives of your company, targets have to also be defined in the production area in order to adjust and to test the planning according to these determined objectives. Many targets are conceivable and make sense here which are nevertheless sometimes also partially conflicting. Jointly, we examine which targets are important for you and make sense for your company. Then, we show which consequences for your production arise from their implementation.

Data preparation

In order to understand the situation in your production area correctly and to have a basis for decision-making an accurate database is necessary. Often it turns out that this basis does not exist. With the support of our tools we can help you to revise your database and to detect and remove deficiencies of the data collection.

Joint implementation

You can use our presented and the jointly developed methods and tools after the project has been completed. Used correctly, the etagis viewer and other software can support you in daily as well as in strategic decisions and thus can also increase your planning reliability.

We help you by integrating these products in your business and company processes and adjust the software to the requests of your company.