Production planning and control (PPC) involves enormous amounts of data as well as dependencies and restrictions, all of which must be taken into consideration. Therefore it is important to keep a good overview about this multitude of information, because decisions must be taken safely in every phase of order processing 

The orientation of your PPC represents a decisive factor in achieving corporate success and shortcomings in transparency are unacceptable. The etagis viewer helps you to keep the necessary overview. Important informations will be collected, analyzed and clearly visualized. The program supports you in solving typical PPC issues in a quick and reliable manner, answering questions such as:

  • Are our resources operating at full capacity? Can idle times or machine overloads be identified?
  • Which orders have been dispatched into the system? When can they be delivered?
  • Which operations correspond to which orders? On which resource and at what point in time will each operation be processed?
  • Where are obvious bottlenecks located?

Achieve transparency by several different viewing perspectives

etagis viewer provides various viewing dimensions for systematically regarding and analyzing data. They enable you to find answers quickly to these and other questions:

  • The resource view displays your resources and/or machines according to the sequence of operations planned. Conflicting resources can easily be identified and suitable precautions taken.
  • The order view displays all customer orders as well as secondary requirements and all corresponding operations. It enables you to get a quick and clear picture of all orders within the system, as well as their structure and interdependencies. Based on this knowledge, you are able to issue more precise estimates of delivery dates.
  • The resource queue view enables you to identify critical resources.
  • The machine occupancy view is designed to generate up-to-date schedules for machines and work cells.

Additional functions enable you to assess process times, wait times, resource utilization rates and other aspects.

Improved planning by simulation

Just by one click your production will be scheduled by the integrated interactive simulation. The limited capacity of the resources will be considered as well as the dependency of sub-orders. By using priority rules you can define yourself which order is important and which is not.

Thus you quickly get a realistic production schedule and can inform your customers about delivery dates which you can really achieve.To support this, our simulation provides the following functions:

  • Setup optimization
  • Considering of order dependencies
  • Demand- and load-oriented order release
  •  Configurable frozen-zone and consideration of order fixations
  • Scheduling of alternative resources
  • Consideration of multiple resources needed in one operation.

Integration into your ERP-system

etagis viewer is optimally integrated into the data-containing ERP system. Your data will be displayed, simulated and analyzed within the etagis viewer and, if necessary, the results will be written back to the ERP-system. Of course we can also support you in analyzing specific data of your company, which you have stored besides the common standard.

If you want to access more detailed information or effect modifications of a certain resource, an operation, or an order you are currently viewing, a single mouse-click will guide you to the according position in your ERP-system.


Download our current flyer (see below - currently available in German only, but English will follow soon). Or simply contact us if you have further question or if you want to make an appointment with us so that we can further introduce the etagis viewer for you.

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